September 25, 2015


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Q&A with Scout Equipment

Scout Equipment

Why are first dates so much fun?

Most of it is probably due to the overwhelming nervousness and excitement of being around someone new and trying not to embarrass yourself (wait, how is this fun again?). The other fun part of meeting someone new is getting the chance to learn about them. You can ask questions for hours and never run out of things to talk about, unless of course things go south and she gets “The Call” and suddenly has to take her sick cat to the vet. Sorry guys, we feel for ya there.

Nervousness aside, it is a pleasure to meet you! We are Scout Equipment and we’d like to tell you a little more about ourselves. Lucky for you, we have a few questions already prepared. See, this first date is already going well. Can I buy you another drink?

Q: Why did you start a camping equipment company?

A: Have you ever purchased something that you thought was the greatest thing ever and would solve all your problems, but it turns out to be a huge let down? (Does this date count? I’m kidding, this is going great!) We’ve bought camping equipment and off-road gear too many times that leaves something to be desired, doesn’t function well, or just doesn’t stand the test of time. We were fed up with this so much that we decided to make our own equipment.

Q: So what is Scout Equipment Company, what is your goal?

A: Scout Equipment Co. was founded on an idea to create equipment that focuses on human interaction with the product; every touch point from beginning to end. The number one user of a product is you, so shouldn’t you be at the center of the design? Seems like common sense, right? But stop and think for a minute about some of the things you own for camping, how user-friendly are they really? Do they actually help you get outside more? Do they reduce the number of steps required to complete a process? How does one product interact with another? These are all things we believe to be very important, especially when people have such limited time in their daily lives. So, you could say our goal is to get people outside with less effort.  

Q: Who is behind Scout Equipment?

A: Scout Equipment Co. was founded by four fellows (and their spouses - trust us, we need the moral support) from different walks of life. What we have in common is the desire to explore the outdoors through camping. Our backgrounds are in the cycling industry, the off-road industry, and even the robotics industry, so you can see how this will be an interesting mix of experiences and ideas! More importantly, we are real people. Scout Equipment Co. is owned by us; there are no investors with deep pockets funding us. So, when you make the simple act of buying a shirt from us, we celebrate, because that brings us one step closer to funding some really cool products!

Q: Where did the phrase “Camp More Work Less™“ come from?

A: Every time we got together for a weekend camping trip it always seemed too short. We talked about how we needed to take more camping trips and work less. So we decided to make it a motivational mantra for ourselves and tell others about it, because sitting in front of a computer screen for 40hrs a week is not what humans were meant to do! But wait, there is a second part to this. “Camp More Work Less” quickly became our internal design philosophy. Every product that we create will in some way help you to spend more time camping, and less time “working.” Our goal for you, when you are outdoors, is to spend more time doing what is important; like discovering the world with your children, making s’mores, or spending quality time with friends.

Q: You knew this was coming; what products are you going to make?

A: Wouldn’t you like to know! Let’s just say they will be awesome. Really awesome. Like James Bond meets Inspector Gadget. Keep an eye on our social media feeds and the blog for future updates. It’s possible that we’ll release a few teaser images and even have a few test products. We’re really big on testing and would love help - whether you want to be an ambassador, have an eye for design, or (let’s be honest…) you have a tendency to break things into crumbly little bits.

Q: What are your plans while you develop the first products?

A: Motivate people to get outside and spread the Camp More Work Less message. We will continue to make fun camping themed apparel for you to show off to your friends and family, telling them that you’d rather being camping! Along the way we hope to tease you with the really cool prototypes we are working on. Maybe even have a beta program with a few serious campers to get their feedback on our designs. Hard to say really, but the future is going to be fun.

Q: I heard that Scout Equipment gives back to non-profits, tell me about that.

A: Oh, funny you should ask! This date is GREAT! That’s correct, and it was one of the first things we talked about when founding the company. We wanted an opportunity to give back to non-profit programs and organizations who responsibly promote youth camping, adventures, and outdoor education. When children are taught at a young age about the importance of nature it helps them be a better person. They will have the opportunity to spread their love and knowledge of the outdoors to others throughout their lives. It starts with one, and exponentially grows from there. It’s not just youth either. In the modern world, it’s a shame that trailheads can’t have a minimum of trash cans, accurate maps, and long lasting trail markers. Let alone publicity so that we can all discover new places and help keep access open with our dollars and good Leave No Trace skills. These are just a few of things that we hope to improve for you so the outdoors are more accessible.

Q: Ok, time for something fun. What is your favorite camping dinner?

A: Might have to take a vote on that, but I have a feeling it is Breakfast Nachos. Yep, i’m getting nodding heads of approval from everyone here. They basically comprise of everything you can find in your cooler, turned into an egg scramble, and eaten with tortilla chips. They are amazing, trust me. Hey, if a second date comes of this, I’ll make them for you!

Q: What was the worst camping experience you ever had?

A: Ah, yes, the kind of trip that could ruin you. Let’s just say it was hot, there were a lot of bugs and we ran out of water AND toilet paper (i’m not sure which is worse). We’ve gotten much better since those days.

Q: Why do you camp?

A:  For a couple of reasons. When we were younger, camping was a means to an end. All of us were on the same collegiate cycling team back in the day and going to a race meant that you would be camping in some remote area. This tradition continued as we traveled to a lot of races, went on roadtrips, and hit up destination spots all for the purpose of riding bikes. As we got older, there was a shift. We still do the destination bike trips, but between those, there are weekends of just camping. We now camp to hang out; to have drinks with our friends and spend quality time just reflecting on life and how in such a short time it has already been quite the roller coaster.

Q: Ok, last question. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: Never needing to take a shower (and not smelling funky). How awesome would that be? You could camp for days and still smell like clean laundry!

Enough about us! Tell us why you like to camp more and work less!
And if you have any more questions you’d like to ask us, drop us a line at  

I think that went pretty well, don’t you? So, how about a second date?

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October 16, 2015

Great blog!! I’ve had many camping experiences in the “old days”,,,heavy canvas army tents that smelled awful due to water resistance by using oil! YUK! Heavy, bulky, monsters to set up & take down. Better tent, but torrential rain in Colorado where the orange, sticky clay globbed around your feet going to & from stinky outhouses!!! Lovely! While sleeping 4 in the back of a Chevy station wagon due to more rain & unrelenting wind, & hearing the pines cracking a BEAR came to visit, rocking the car. OH MORE FUN!!
That was the ’60’s…. Oh dear, dating myself?!
I moved on to “condo camping”. Loved that, but beds always too soft, too lumpy etc. so slept on floors. And paid a small fortune for that type of camping !!

Now beginning to think of small trailer, modern equipment you hopefully have coming soon & getting back to the joy of the great outdoors?



October 15, 2015

I miss you guys. Great post. Keep it going? Are you around this weekend to chat?

Huggidy hugs,

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